When you’ve got big growth plans, ambitious scale-up goals or revolutionary product launches, you need the talent to support them.

The advice, the insight and the expertise to realise your ambitions. The support of RP’s talented tech leads.

You’ll be moving beyond proof of concept and minimum viable products. You’ll be expanding your ecosystem and transforming your digital capabilities, facing complex, competitive challenges.

And you’ll need cost attractive, outcome-focused results for projects. RP Consult gives you the innovative, upgraded alternative to traditional consultancy options.


When you need one-off support:

Get our expert insight and advanced search process with an upgraded approach to the classic Time & Materials based contract.

Expect unrivalled insights and unbeatable understanding of every tech position. Save internal resources, make the smarter hires, launch products seamlessly and grow faster with a talent partner you can truly trust.

When you’re project hiring:

Ramp up your talent and make sure all skillsets are covered for any new product launch, service upgrade or mission critical project.

We offer a direct channel to a fully flexible workforce - the best tech talent for your specific technical requirements. Switch resources in and out, as and when needed.

product launch

When you want to outsource:

We combine traditional hiring services with advanced IT consultancy.

On shore, near shore or offshore, our team of tech leads are a match for any delivery team. They’ll deliver powerful, accelerated results for any project scope, combining traditional hiring services with advanced IT consultancy.

Cut costs, save resources and reduce risk with a Statement of Work approach that delivers results and outcomes in small, trackable segments. Outsourced development talent based on time and materials, that fits with key project milestones.